I grew up in a colorful household in Olympia, Washington where vintage clothing and costuming were a part of every day life.  From the first grade through the twelfth grade, I acted in at least two theater plays a year and my mother was always the master costume designer and maker.  After over a decade of this, a large collection of costumes filled the the basement of our house.

In the early 90's I moved to Berlin, Germany where I lived for 19 years.  In 2003 I returned to Olympia for a visit and to gather up the entire costume collection from the basement.  I sent 16 boxes to Berlin and opened a costume rental/secondhand boutique called ''Bonnie & Kleid''.  My background in costumes and styling made ''Bonnie & Kleid'' a success in the fashionable city of Berlin.  The shop still rents costumes for film and theater productions, photo shoots and costume parties, one of the many events being the quarterly 1920's theme party ''Boheme Savage''. 

At the beginning of 2012 I moved back to America.  I spent time traveling up and down the west coast in my mini RV, reconnecting with family and friends, going to festivals and making new friends.

In May 2013 I started PulsePleasure.  I bring the flair of Berlin to this creative venture.  The reversible wrist cuffs, called 'Stulpen' in German, are reminiscent of the 1920's fingerless glove/wristlet. The headdresses, each one unique, have a glamorous flapper/festival feeling.  The infinity or loop scarf brings the collection into the modern day and can be worn in many different and fun ways.  The three items can worn seperatly or all together to create a whole "look". 

The "Breastplates"  or neck pieces are each unique and can be worn on a bare chest or over any top or dress that might want an exciting adornment.

The fabrics I mostly use are stretch velvet, stretch lace, soft cotton jersy and lycra. I personally handmake each item.

I now live in Lucerne Valley, California with my husband and our baby boy.